Below is a film that has some valuable pathophysiology and pharmacokenetics related to anxiety and its control. This film has the typical Medical Model mistakes and faulty conceptualization. First, that medications such as anxyolitics and antidepressants “control most of the symptoms of an anxiety or depressive disorder”. In fact, these classes of medications actually work with less than half of the people they are given to, and they only control a few of the many symptoms of these diseases and no medication has ever been found to rise to the level of cure or even stand alone treatment for a depressive or anxiety disorder (see: Clearly, psychotherapies that effectively treat the entire syndromes of the anxiety disorders and depressive disorders are available and scientifically proven effective. Any real treatment plan for these diseases should include them, and should view medication approaches as short-term and palliative or minority symptom “control” techniques rather than a “treatment, or treatment plan”. Clearly, anxiety and depression in their normal state are helpful emotions and cues that are needed by the higher cortical centers for decision making and valuing of expereince and needs. Our goal is to train our brain, or learn to interpret and appropriately apply these signals/affects without alcohol or drugs or maladaptive acting out these feelings. We simply can’t be healthy by subscribing to a path of chemically controling these emotions and pretending that that is improving our self-management or achieving health. Medications are helpful, but not a solution, and those who pretend they are are short-sighted, lack expertise and training, or are inappropriately enamered with their chemistry set. Enjoy the film:

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