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Supervisory Verification Form

This is the official ABMP form that applicant’s for board certification may use to verify their supervisory experience. Download the form HERE


AMP has an alliance with the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers (NAPPP). NAPPP shares a common ground with AMP regarding the importance of advocacy in the profession of psychology as well as the importance of educating psychologists about the business of practice. AMP encourages you to join NAPPP. Members have access to free CE credits in medical psychology, psychopharmacology and many other practice related subjects. NAPPP also offers an online RxP training program that leads to the Professional certificate in Clinical Psychopharmacology. Information of NAPPP can be found on their website . For information on the RxP training program, go HERE  or see:  our affiliates at:  National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers , The Academy of Medical Psychology , FaceBook Academy of medical psychology , Community Mental Health Consultants (CMHC, Inc) Inc.

Practice Accreditation

Accreditation can provide your practice with prestige and lets everyone know that the way you practice conforms to the highest quality in behavioral health care. Find out about the benefits of practice accreditation and how to get your practice accredited by the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality. Their specialized program for doctoral level psychologists can be seen on the NIBHQ website HERE

Research Network

CarePaths ( sponsors Practice Research Networks (PRNs) through its collaboration with research and clinical training organizations. Currently, CarePaths is sponsoring a number of PRNs, e.g. the Association of Directors of Psychology Training Clinics HERE and the Outdoor Behavioral Health Industry CouncilHERE and now has agreed to provide a PRN for Medical Psychology. Practice research networks offer a group of organizations the opportunity to pool data for a variety of purposes, including quality improvement and benchmarking, advocacy, and clinical research. Borkovec, for instance, writes that PRNs are needed now in clinical psychology because of the ‘increasing pressure to produce evidence that therapies we provide are in fact beneficial’ and to answer questions about the effectiveness of psychotherapy.’ A Medical Psychology PRN can help establish what we have been touting as a superior model of care by carrying out rigorous experimental investigations in naturalistic settings that allow for unambiguous conclusions about effectiveness. This will be a free benefit to Fellows of the Academy as long as the research project is underway.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Policy Statement

Academy of Medical Psychology

In early 2012 the Academy of Medical Psychology Board reviewed and approved support for the national practitioner association (the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers ( policy on protecting patient safety throughresponsible psychoactive medication prescribing and comprehensive treatment based on accurate diagnosis by a doctoral level mental health specialist.

We further support the accompanying prescribing psychology model act, and similar legislation, which would address the nation’s mental health and substance abuse needs by allowing post doctorally trained Medical Psychologists and Psychopharmacologist Psychologists to evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe psychoactive medications, psychotherapy, family therapy, and facility placement and treatment plan authorization for patients with mental disorders and psychological aspects of lifestyle and physical disease.

It is the position of the Board that patients deserve doctoral level specialists who can confirm or modify general medical brief screening instrument results and diagnoses, delineate scientifically validated psychological and mental health treatments of sufficient complexity, breadth, and variety as to have plausible chance to ameliorate mental disorders and the lifestyle and psychological contributors of the development and intensification of certain physical diseases.

It is further the Board’s position that the nation’s Primary Care Clinics, Hospitals, Residential Care Centers, and Nursing Homes are currently inadequately staffed and do not have sufficient Medical/Professional Staff membership of psychologists and psychiatrists to address the nation’s mental health, substance abuse, and lifestyle and psychological aspects of related physical health needs.The Board therefore holds that a revision of the staffing requirements for licensure, certification in federal reimbursement systems, and qualification for reimbursement by insurers and managed care is required in order to ensure quality of care and the availability of doctors of psychology and/or psychiatry to diagnose and actively supervise and treat patients with these specialty clinical needs.

To view NAPPP’s full policy statement and accompaning legislative recommendations go to

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FDA Science Committee Acknowledgement to AMP that “Medication Only Appraoches are Not Adequate Treatment Plans”:  Click Here!


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