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Susan Barngrover, PhD, ABMPSecretary of the Board and Public Member BarngroverPicIMG_2078 (1)(  Susan Barngrover PhD, PPR, MsCP, ABMP is a licensed psychologist and board certified medical psychologist with over 30 years of clinical and management experience. Originally the Clinical and Executive director of a rural mental health facility, a former co owner of a large private multidisciplinary mental facility and consultant to a rural hospital, she now is in solo private practice outside Kansas City Mo, where she consults and treats complex medical cases from children to the elderly.  She also consults for Social Security Disability,  an international telehealth platform and at CMHC, a rural psychologist owned and managed Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center with MO DMH and a national certification (CARF). She is a member of APA, MoPA, NAPPP and currently serves as an Officer of the AMP/ABMP Board (Secretary) AMP board where she is a long-time leader in the Practitioner Movement and advocates earnestly to enhance psychology’s scope of practice. She is an editor for The Archives of Medical Psychology and has presented locally and nationally (and at the Joint NAPPP/AMP national conference) on telehealth, women’s health and scope of practice for medical psychologists.  Two year term.


Jeff Cole, PhD, ABMP – Director (Editorial Staff-The Archives of Medical Psychology, Editor of The  Jeffrey D. Cole, PhD, FPPR, FICPP, ABMP is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Board-Certified Medical Psychologist, doctoral training in Clinical Pjeff-cole-pic-for-board-member-pagesychology at Fordham University, psychodiagnostic training at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, forensic training at Inwood Community Services in Manhattan NY.   Served as Coordinator and Sub-Investigator on multiple clinical psychopharmacological trials at Montefiore Medical Center.  He was primary Psychologist for a forensic and behavior-disorders unit with a State Hospital in Binghamton NY, Team Leader for a specialty Sex Offender Treatment Team.  He trained in psychopharmacology receiving his Psychopharmacology and Advanced Psychopharmacology diplomates with Prescribing Psychologists’ Register (PPR), medical psychology preceptorship with Family Physician Dr. Gary Dean, and received his ABMP diploma 2011 and has served on the American Board of Medical Psychology since 2012, as the AMP Editor of The AMP, and he is on the Editorial Staff of The Archives of Medical Psychology, .has been an examining diplomat on the ABMP Oral Examination Committee.   Dr. Cole is a Clinical Field Supervisor for Clinical Psychology doctoral students at Binghamton University.  He is a private practitioner in New York.  Three year term.

Amie Cooper, PsyD, MsPharm, Student Member Board of Directors.  Dr.  Cooper holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and a Post-Doctoral Graduate degree in psychopharmacology from Alliant University (formerly California School of Professional Psychology:  She is graduate of two professional schools which have led the Practitioner Movement for providing the most advanced clinical training and focus on training diagnostic and clinical doctors rather than researchers), and she has completed a one year supervised residency in Medical Psychology.  She is the Assistant Clinical Director of a large multi-site nationally CARF accredited community mental health center owned and operated by psychologists with day treatment, intensive psychotherapy, child and adolescent, adult MI, Substance Abuse, Medication Assisted Therapy and medication management, neuropsychological, courts, and forensic programs.

Ward M. Lawson, Ph.D., ABMP, ABPP – Executive Director, Past President  (  Dr. Lawson has been a full-time practitioner for overWar 25 years, completing post-doctoral fellowships in neuropsychology, forensic psychology and is board certified in Medical Psychology and Family Psychology. He is certified by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) College of Professional Psychology in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders. He is President of the Academy of Medical Psychology and is the Senior and Managing Editor of the Academy of Medical Psychology’s peer-reviewed journal, The Archives of Medical Psychology. He is a member of National Association of Practicing Professional Psychologists (NAPPP,, is a board member of the Missouri NAPPP chapter (MoNAPPP), and a member of National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN). He served as a board member from 2009 to 2013 on the American Board of Couples and Family Psychology (ABPP). From 1996 to 1998, he served on the board of the Missouri Psychological Association as Treasurer and served on the Insurance and Managed Care Committee and the RxP Taskforce. He was a member of the doctoral faculty in neuropsychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield Missouri, has presented at state and national conferences, and is a published author. Dr. Lawson practices within an integrated care system and supervises psychologists and mid-level providers. He owns and operates facilities certified by the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality, National Health Services Corp, the Missouri Department of Alcohol and Drug as an outpatient substance abuse program. Dr. Lawson has owned a Rural Health Clinic and is the founder and Director of a not-for-profit Tri-County Adult Day Care.  President, 5 year term.

Stephen Gary McClure, PhD, ABMP, AMP Board of Directors (Chair”.   McClureGaryPicDr. McClure is licensed in California as a Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. He has worked in Roseville, California since 1985 when he opened Sunrise Counseling Group (SCG).   He is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychology (ABMP).  He is certified by the APA National College of Psychology Certification in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Abuse.  Dr. McClure is an advocate for the advancement of clinical and medical psychology and its inclusion in primary behavioral healthcare.  The primary focus of Dr. McClure’s practice is Clinical Psychology including treatment of mood disorders (unipolar/bipolar depressions), anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD) and substance abuse issues. In addition, Dr. McClure focuses on the characterological aspects of each client in an effort to understand each person as more than the sum of their presenting symptoms.  Dr. McClure serves as Regional Clinical Director at two Aegis Treatment Centers in Northern California. These are medication assisted treatment (MAT) facilities that integrate medication and behavioral health interventions in the comprehensive treatment of opioid dependence.  Dr. McClure is a member of the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers (NAPPP), the Academy of Medical Psychologists (AMP) and the California Association of Psychology Providers (CAPP).  President Elect, 5 year term.

Susana Galle, Ph.D, ABMP, MSCP, CTN, CCN, CCH, RYT (Archives Science Editor;   Dr. Galle’s practice spans three and a half decades. Having SusanaGallePicVDM2016-Galle, Susana A -integrated Western science and Eastern healing arts within the psychotherapeutic matrix, she delivers a unique form of holistic care with a developmental perspective. She has a special interest in the mind-brain-gut connection relative to illness and mental health. She is a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, and psychopharmacologist (NM RxP license), holding certifications in several psychology specialties (hypnosis, neurofeedback, forensic neuropsychology). Moreover, she is qualified to practice other health professions, namely, molecular nutrition, traditional naturopathy, classical homeopathy, and Yoga therapy. Dr. Galle has been on the clinical faculty at major medical schools (UCSF, Yale, Georgetown). She is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at GWU (Clinical Neuroscience topics in Adolescent and YA Medicine).  She is also on the adjunct faculty at Alliant I. U. post doc in Clinical Psychopharmacology (Intro to Molecular Nutrition). Dr. Galle has served as a consultant to international organizations (PAHO and WHO) in the area of adolescent health. She coauthored books and published articles in peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Galle appeared in local and international media. She is the AMP Archives Science Editor. Multilingual and multicultural, she works with clients from around the world. Dr. Galle is an alumna of UC Berkeley, Yale, and Alliant. She supports the vision of Medical Psychologists as key players in primary care and lifestyle medicine, empowered with prescriptive authority through proper training and experience.  Elected to 2 year term.

Board Members Emeritus (Non-voting Past Members):  Emeritus Board Members are seminal national leaders who have served this specialty, and the psychology Practitioner Movement in such important ways that they will always be a part of the advisers and consultants to the specialty and society!  While they no longer vote or take daily part in the management of the specialty, they are sage advisers and may continue to serve by picking a Portfolio of service (usually defined under one of our Committees) and maintaining a working and leadership role in that important sub-component and interest area of our Specialty.  Board members are elected to staggering terms to provide organizational experience, new ideas and participation from the academy, and continuity of organizational goals and missions.  Two members will be elected to  two year terms, three members for 3 year terms, and 3 members for 5 year terms.  When a member is elected to President or President Elect they move to a 5 year term.  The Executive Director is a 5 year board term that is renewable.

Brian Bigelow, PhD, ABMP, ABPP, ABFS (Emeritus Director-Past Director)-Member, C. Psych., BPP, FSICPP, FPPR, FICPP, Canada ( ).  BrianBigelowPicDr. Bigelow is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Psychological Associations, Academy of Medical Psychology, as well as the American Psychological Association.  As a Diplomate-Fellow in forensic sciences with the International College of Prescribing Psychologists, a member of the American College of Forensic Psychology and a Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Board Certified in Medical Psychology. Dr. Bigelow is held to high ethical standards that meet and exceed those normally expected of a Registered Psychologist.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Medical Psychology and the American Board of Medical psychology and is Canada’s first Board Certified Medical Psychologist (ABMP).  Dr. Brian J. Bigelow is a Registered Psychologist (cert. # 995) in the Province of Ontario. In May, 2005, he became diplomated by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology (cert. # 6004). Dr. Bigelow has been in independent practice for over 30 years, concentrating on child and adolescent issues.   As a Full Professor and academic, Dr. Bigelow’s chief duties were training undergraduate and graduate students in child psychology and psychopathology, with occasional duties in the teaching of social and forensic child psychology, developmental disabilities and professional ethics. He was also cross-appointed to the Department of Forensic Sciences-Laurentian University.  Three year term.

John Caccavale, PhD, ABMP, Founding Board Member, and Board Member  Emeritus AMP/ABMP. Dr. Caccavale is a California licensed clinical and neuropsychologist and the executive director of NAPPP ( johnlCHe is a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychology.  Dr. Caccavale is a long time advocate for the advancement of clinical and medical psychology and its inclusion into primary behavioral healthcare. He serves on a number of professional boards including the American Board of Medical Psychology, the National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality and the American Board of Behavioral Health Practice. He is the past Chair of the Behavioral Health Committee of Orange County Medical Reserve Corp. He has published numerous articles and book reviews on a wide array of subjects but, in recent years, has confined his writings to the current issues facing the profession. His latest book, Medical Psychology Practice and Policy Perspectives, was published in 2014.  Dr. Caccavale is a strong advocate for doctoral level psychology practice and, although he is a trained psychopharmacologist, he advocates for psychotherapy as a first line treatment for behavioral disorders. Dr. Caccavale is the 2011 recipient of the Cummings Foundation PSYCHE Award. Its prestigious roster of 14 recipients, along with its $50,000 prize, render it the highest award in the mental health field.  As a seminal leader in the Psychology Practitioner Movement he has been a bell-weather leader for the application of scientific practices in the treatment of mental and substance use disorders and the lifestyle aspects of many chronic medical disorders.  He has stood against psychological organizations that supported torture, fail to fully commit to advocacy for full independent practice of doctors of psychology in the mainstream healthcare system, and fail to apply psychology organizational resources in a responsible advocacy which benefits the public healthcare system.  Dr. Caccavale is a nationally sought after speaker and has presented at many national conferences. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.  Three year term.

Board Member Emeritis: James Childerston, PhD, ABMP Director Emeritus (Past President and founding member: ).  Dr. Childerston is a clinical psychologist specializing in a broad spectrum of psychological J Childerstondisciplines including individual and couples therapy, as well as medical and pharmacological consulting. He is a nationally known author and a widely sought speaker who has led seminars and retreats across the United States on marital enrichment, managing emotions, communication skills and conflict resolution strategies, and fostering relational closeness. He also has demonstrated expertise in treating sexual dysfunction and addressing sexuality and aging. Dr. Childerston is board certified in medical psychology, psychopharmacology, and sex therapy.  He is a founder of The Academy of Medical Psychology and served as Vice President for several years before serving 10 years as President.  He is on the faculty of the Institute for Sexual Wholeness and the Board of Directors of Sexual Wholeness, Inc.  He is the co-author of A Celebration of Sex After 50 and Purity & Passion: Authentic Male Sexuality. Jim is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys traversing the globe with his wife, Carolyn.

Jerry Morris, PsyD, MBA, MSPharm, ABMP, ABPP, ABBHP, NCSP, NBCC, CCM (Emeritus Director-Past Director)– (  DrMorrisPicimg74[1] (1)Dr. Morris is the retired past Executive Director and former President of the Board.  He is a Dipolmate in Medical Psychology, Diplomate in Family Psychology, Diplomate in Behavioral Medicine, Diplomate in School Psychology, holds the APA Certification in Substance Abuse Treatment, and is board certified in Casemanagement, and a certified AAMFT Family Therapy Supervisor.  He has owned and operated and developed psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, private practices, and has been a CMS consultant and facility monitor and project manager for targeted healthcare facilities.  He has authored books and scientific articles, and is on the Executive Board of the national psychology practitioner association (, has been on the APA Council of Representatives (legal board), served on various national association committees and task forces, and is a sought after national and regional speaker.  He is a recipient of the APA Karl Heiser Award for Advocacy, and has been elected to the National Academy of Practice: psychology section.  Dr. Morris does a scientific and practice blog for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and their foundation, and has received and managed grants and served on foundation projects.  He is the former President of the Missouri Psychological association, and is licensed in MO, KS, and LA.  Elected to 5 year term.

Board Member Emeritis: Gil Sanders, Ed.D., ABMP (Emeritus Director)  In 2014, Dr. Sanders received the APA Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement.  He has served on the AMP/ABMP Board of directors and retired in 2016 and was awarded Board Emeritus (non-voting life-time status).  Sanders has served as the point person for developing integrated programs of psychology and medicine in Alaska, California, Germany and Vietnam.

His leadership in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology earned him the rank of captain, the highest rank authorized for psychologists in the U.S. Public Health Service. His contributions to public health and the military have improved fitness for duty of government personnel, reduced costs and improved health care for the military and their families.

He has served on the board and president of the APA Division of Psychopharmacology, and on the board of the APA Division of Public Service.

Board Member (Emeritis Director)  Jack Wiggins, PhD-Director Emeritus (Past Editor The Archives of Medical  WigginsPictureIn January of 2013, long-time public board member Dr. Jack Wiggins retired from the board after years of exemplary service.  Dr. Wiggins remains active in the Academy of Medical Psychology, and as a reviewer for The Archives and contributor to The AMP.  Dr. Wiggins is a friend of all psychologists, and all disciplines in psychology, and has given highly valued service to the formation and development of this specialty.  Dr. Jack G. Wiggins was a psychological practitioner in Cleveland for 44 years, the last 33 as CEO of the multidisciplinary Psychological Development Center. He was a principal in obtaining licensure and insurance reimbursement for psychology in Ohio. He became the point man for reimbursement issues in psychology and served 3 terms as Chair of the APA Committee on Health Insurance. During his tenure, psychology gained recognition in the federal employees health benefit program and CHAMPUS, now TriCare. He became a member of “The Dirty Dozen” and was a founding member of psychology’s original advocacy organization, CAPPS. As Chair of CAPPS’ “special projects” committee his focus was gaining recognition of psychology in Vocational Rehabilitation at parity with psychiatry and including psychology in federal and state worker’s compensation programs. He gained hospital privileges for psychologists by persuading the Ohio AG to sue JCAHO for restraint of trade. He was elected to Board of Directors of APA and served as APA Centennial President in 1992. He created CRSPPP for the recognition of psychological specialties and proficeincies in order to advance prescriptive authority and medical psychology. After retiring he was a founding member of the Academy of Medical Psychology and the American Board of Medical Psychology. He was a public member of the Boards and served as the Secretary. He was the founding Editor of the Archives of Medical Psychology. He gave himself a birthday gift on January 1, 2013 by retiring as Editor and stepping down from the Boards. He remains an active advocate and member of AMP.

Note About Board Membership:  The Academy Board Membership is made up of Both Diplomates and Society Members who have demonstrated state or national leadership in healthcare or the practice of psychology and thus have leadership and accomplishment skills.  Additionally, we generally value heavily service to the Society and Specialty such as publications in our Journal and Newsletter, service and accomplishments on our various committees and Education Center course development or faculty service mentoring a specific course, and thus showing a commitment and dedication to our Society and Specialty!  Such individuals have shown development in our organization, have become oriented to our structure, culture, and work, and have shown a passion for the work that advances our organization.  Those individuals are considered for advancement through our Committees and organizational structure and qualification for eventual consideration for board nomination and election!

Remember:  There are two levels of AMP membership:  a. any licensed healthcare professional with an interest in participating in our free member CE center, list.serve and fellowship, newsletter, Journal and other publications, workshop events, advocacy efforts, and updates on the area of medical psychology, b. Board Certified Specialists in the Psychological Specialty of Medical Psychology (see below for the requirements for this second level of membership).

To become a board certified Specialist in Medical Psychology we have some of the highest standards for any specialty among the clinical specialties in psychology.  To qualify for Board Certification the Psychologist must complete the following:  a. have an active license to practice healthcare in the area of psychology in any state (without current restriction), b. complete one of three approved basic medical and pharmacological science programs approved by the board (a post doctoral accredited psychopharmacology of medical psychology master’s specialty degree, or the NAPPP CE Pharmacology Certificate Program that is APA Approved, completion of the VERATAS Program), c. Completion of the Introduction to Medical Psychology CE course on our CE Center-APA Approved in order to provide the differentiating philosophy and approach of the Specialty (essential to pass the oral exam and work product requirements), d. complete a qualifying preceptorship/supervision or residency and provide documentation of hours and qualifications of the supervisor (see web site), e. file application for Board Certification and pay the application fee (see fees, required documentation, and proof of preceptorship/residency on this web site) for review of the credentials committee, f. once the credentials committee reviews and approves all the previous materials and qualifications the applicant can be approved for Candidate Status, g. The Candidate schedules, and pays the Oral Examination fee, an Oral Examination and is examined by 3 members of the examination committee (essay questions responded to on Skype/tele examination, or phone, or in person examination; approximately 1-2 hours), and submission of two work product assessments and treatment plan samples that are scored as a part of the examination and must show that the Candidate differentiates between the philosophy and skills of the Medical Psychologist and a clinical or psychopharmacologist, h. passage of a national written examination (we accept our online multiple choice and true-false objective examination, or the PEP, or the VERITAS national examinations at or above the 70th percentile.

The Application and Supporting Documentation are the first step.

The Application and Supporting Documentation are the first step.

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