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The Archives of Medical Psychology is a peer-reviewed journal published electronically that is dedicated to the practice of Medical Psychology. The editorial staff is made up of some of the top Diplomates in the Specialty who are dedicated to keeping specialists updated and informed.  The journal is a Peer Reviewed Practitioner Oriented publication that uses blinded reviews that are electronically submitted using state of the art journal review software (Moogle).

The rapidly emerging field of Medical Psychology in the evolving new healthcare delivery system requires prompt dissemination and documentation of these developments. Therefore, The Archives is using this electronic format to deliver this information to practitioners for the well being of their patients. Articles are published when they have met the standards of the review process and are determined to have potential merit for practitioners when providing healthcare services to their patients.

Subscribers and Academy of Medical Psychology list.serv members will be notified electronically as articles are posted on the Archives of Medical Psychology web site for their viewing or download. Articles submitted to the Archives for publication will be considered for review as long as they are pertinent to the practice of Medical Psychology as defined HERE.

Our Senior Editor, Dr. Ward Lawson and his editorial staff is accepting tranustripts.  Authors may submit manuscripts for consideration at //  !  This is our MOOGLE software for handling authors, reviewers, and the journal.  It is a state of the art system that can grow with our specialty and publication.  Please make an effort to use this system.  If you have trouble using it as an author or reviewer contact our AMP Executive Director and Senior and Managing Editor Dr. Ward Lawson at  !

Read or Download The archives of Medical Psychology August 2018, which is a republication of our 2015 wisdoms that are germane to the time of the APA Convention.  A good read to remind us of both the need for our specialty (with regard to the ACA and its relevance and evolution in this political environment, and the evolution of the problems and dangers emerging in recent years at APA-torture, membership drops, affiliation with APS, and now the Masters Training Programs Certifications).  We were insightful and forward looking just like we were in leading the Federal Register to recognize in policy that APA doesn’t speak for all psychologists, and with leading psychology’s exposure of the limitations of psychopharmacology in treatment plans for the mentally ill!

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Academy of Medical Psychology members and Diplomates who would like to volunteer for the Academy Publications Committee and help with The Archives or The AMP and Brochures and other publications should contact Dr. Morris at .

Remember:  There are two levels of AMP membership:  a. any licensed healthcare professional with an interest in participating in our free member CE center, list.serve and fellowship, newsletter, Journal and other publications, workshop events, advocacy efforts, and updates on the area of medical psychology, b. Board Certified Specialists in the Psychological Specialty of Medical Psychology (see below for the requirements for this second level of membership).

To become a board certified Specialist in Medical Psychology we have some of the highest standards for any specialty among the clinical specialties in psychology.  To qualify for Board Certification the Psychologist must complete the following:  a. have an active license to practice healthcare in the area of psychology in any state (without current restriction), b. complete one of three approved basic medical and pharmacological science programs approved by the board (a post doctoral accredited psychopharmacology of medical psychology master’s specialty degree, or the NAPPP CE Pharmacology Certificate Program  completion of the VERATAS Program), c. Completion of the Introduction to Medical Psychology CE course on our CE Center in order to provide the differentiating philosophy and approach of the Specialty (essential to pass the oral exam and work product requirements), d. complete a qualifying preceptorship/supervision or residency and provide documentation of hours and qualifications of the supervisor (see web site), e. file application for Board Certification and pay the application fee (see fees, required documentation, and proof of preceptorship/residency on this web site) for review of the credentials committee, f. once the credentials committee reviews and approves all the previous materials and qualifications the applicant can be approved for Candidate Status, g. The Candidate schedules, and pays the Oral Examination fee, an Oral Examination and is examined by 3 members of the examination committee (essay questions responded to on Skype/tele examination, or phone, or in person examination; approximately 1-2 hours), and submission of two work product assessments and treatment plan samples that are scored as a part of the examination and must show that the Candidate differentiates between the philosophy and skills of the Medical Psychologist and a clinical or psychopharmacologist, h. passage of a national written examination (we accept our online multiple choice and true-false objective examination, or the PEP, or the VERITAS national examinations at or above the 70th percentile.