Application Form: ABMP-Society-or-student-membership-app-1

Diplomate Application Form:  Diplomate Application (1)

Medical Psychology as defined on the Academy of Medical Psychology (AMP) website at HERE and HERE .

For Answers to your Questions about applications and fees contact Dr. Ward Lawson, Executive Director AMP and ABMP at .

Annual Dues:  $85, (late fee, add $15 after Jan. 15th of each new year, Diplomats must keep dues up to date to keep Board Certification).  You will be given email notice of annual dues and you may pay by PayPal or check to central office.

Remember,  there are three levels of Membership in the Academy.  The Society Member is for any licensed healthcare professional that has an interest in the area of medical psychology and access to the fellowship, information, and learning on our web site,  CEs, journals, list.serve, and newsletter and other publications.  The second level of Membership is for Diplomates (Psychologist Specialists) in Medical Psychology.  The third level is for matriculated/currently taking courses graduate students in a behavioral health or medical discipline.

To become a board certified Specialist in Medical Psychology we have some of the highest standards for any specialty among the clinical specialties in psychology.  To qualify for Board Certification the Psychologist must complete the following:  a. have an active license to practice healthcare in the area of psychology in any state (without current restriction), b. complete one of three approved basic medical and pharmacological science programs approved by the board (a post doctoral accredited psychopharmacology of medical psychology master’s specialty degree, or the NAPPP CE Pharmacology Certificate Program that is APA Sponsor offored, completion of the VERATAS Program), c. Completion of the Introduction to Medical Psychology CE course on our CE Center in order to provide the differentiating philosophy and approach of the Specialty (essential to pass the oral exam and work product requirements), d. complete a qualifying preceptorship/supervision or residency and provide documentation of hours and qualifications of the supervisor (see web site), e. file application for Board Certification and pay the application fee (see fees, required documentation, and proof of preceptorship/residency on this web site) for review of the credentials committee, f. once the credentials committee reviews and approves all the previous materials and qualifications the applicant can be approved for Candidate Status, g. The Candidate schedules, and pays the Oral Examination fee, an Oral Examination and is examined by 3 members of the examination committee (essay questions responded to on Skype/tele examination, or phone, or in person examination; approximately 1-2 hours), and submission of two work product assessments and treatment plan samples that are scored as a part of the examination and must show that the Candidate differentiates between the philosophy and skills of the Medical Psychologist and a clinical or psychopharmacologist, h. passage of a national written examination (we accept our online multiple choice and true-false objective examination, or the PEP, or the VERITAS national examinations at or above the 70th percentile.

If you need help understanding the qualifications for Society Membership (licensed psychologist with interest in Medical Psychology, or student of psychology or Medical Psychology and psychopharmacology), or Diplomate (specialist) status or optional training programs and tracks, please contact Ward M. Lawson, PhD, ABMP, ABPP Tri-County Psychological Services, Inc, Marshfield, MO 65706 417-859-7746, fax 417-859-7411, email:, Executive Director at or Past Executive Director Dr. Jerry Morris at or  call him at 660-424-3398.