The AMP Executive Director, is now Ward M. Lawson, PhD, ABMP, ABPP Tri-County Psychological Services, Inc, Marshfield, MO 65706, former ED Dr. Jerry Morris introduces the application and requirements for becoming a member or a Specialist/Diplomate in Medical Psychology.

Medical Psychology as defined on the Academy of Medical Psychology (AMP) website at HERE and HERE .

Get your AMP or ABMP Application Form:  Ordinary Membership APP – Click the Blue Here!  Candidates for Specialist should first become Society Members, and then file the application and fee for candidacy described in another section.  There is a $150 candidacy fee, and then an examination fee for board certification.  If you have questions contact AMP Executive Director,  Ward M. Lawson, PhD, ABMP, ABPP Tri-County Psychological Services, Inc, Marshfield, MO 65706 at .

If you need help understanding the qualifications for Society Membership (licensed psychologist with interest in Medical Psychology, or student of psychology or Medical Psychology and psychopharmacology), or Diplomate (specialist) status or optional training programs and tracks, please contact Dr. Ward Lawson, the Executive Director at, or Dr. Jerry Morris, Past Executive Director at .  See pages on this web site that have applications, descriptions of training, examinations, and mentoring for board certification in the specialty.

Note:  Members of our Board and ABMP diplomates have served on ABPP boards, hold ABPP and ABBHP specialty credentials, have served at the highest levels of leadership in APA, and in leadership in APA Divisions and Task Forces, have served on boards and leadership in state psychological associations, have served in leadership in Governmental bodies, and healthcare facilities, and on faculty of psychology doctorate programs and are authors of national rapport.    We have chosen not to affiliate with APA to avoid control of our practice specialty by a more diverse organization that represents other industries (than the practitioner movement) such as Industrial Psychology, Academic and Teaching Psychology, Research Psychology and in that way stop many of the problems of conflicts of interests, control of our industry by entities that are not specific to our industry.  This independence affords us a unique leadership position with practitioners of psychology and the evolving Integrated Care System in the US, but also causes those with other corporate and business interests in various industries in psychology to directly and subtly (misinformation about being a “Vanity Board”, “Unrecognized”, “Illegitimate Specialty”, “Unrecognized Specialty”, etc.)!  We understand the manipulations of corporate interests, competitive drives, and business interests and accept that these will occur and that they mean more about the ethics, maneuvers, and strategies of the perpetrators rather than saying anything meaningful about our Specialty.  We stand on the high education, supervision, work-product review, written and oral examination, and ongoing continuing education, journal dissemination of specialty science and practice materials and literature, monograph encouragement and publishing in our specialty, distribution of our Diplomates in the nations’ (and in foreign country) health facilities and the increasing use of verification of credentials for health facility privileging through our board.  We encourage you to avoid such misinformation by checking out the facts of standards of this specialty at this web site and comparing them to other specialty web sites in the field.  We encourage you to research the exemplary leadership histories in psychology of the Board and Leaders in our specialty that will cast brilliant light on the motive of those sharing misinformation to keep control of all of the practice of psychology and of all the specialty boards in the practitioner movement!  We appreciate and cherish our independence from such people and manipulations!