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Why Join AMP

1. The Academy is working to unify the emerging field of Medical Psychology and Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists.

2. The Academy registers graduates of psychopharmacology training programs who are doctoral level licensed psychologists and functions as a resource and clearinghouse of information to the American Psychological Association, State and Provincial Psychology Boards, The National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers, and other regulatory bodies and associations.

3. The Academy will be an invaluable resource to you regarding the currently
available psychopharmacology training programs, as you make decisions to begin or continue training in medical psychology.

4. The Academy provides you with a subscription to The Journal of Medical Psychology, a new peer-reviewed journal with articles of clinical importance to Medical Psychologists.

5. The Academy sends you an electronic copy of The National Register of Medical Psychologists, a list of registrants, registered psychopharmacology programs, and registered preceptorship-training programs.

6. The Academy provides you with useful information and relevant links on their web site.

7. The Academy gives you a certificate indicating your membership status. 8. The Academy will be developing an Annual AMP Clinical Meeting where you may earn the required continuing education units and network with other medical psychologists and pharmaceutical representatives. Discounts are available to Academy members.

9. The Academy will soon be offering access to discounted books, tapes and other psychopharmacological resources.

10. The Academy will be participating in legislative efforts in support of Medical Psychology and Prescriptive Authority throughout the country and will provide you with valuable information and updates as to progress and opportunities for your participation.

Ethical Signature Line: Only Diplomates in Medical Psychology who have passed all training reviews and exams and are current with their annual dues and have maintained a license with the state board that licenses "all" psychologists in their state may list themselves as "Board Certified Medical Psychologist" on their signature line, advertising, and office and professional letters, reports, and materials. Diplomates may annotate ABMP behind their degrees on their signature line, and may note "Board Certified Medical Psychologist" on the line after their signature line. Since one state licenses "medical psychologists" to identify "psychopharmacologists", and in the future there will likely be Medical Psychology Doctorate programs, it is important to note the difference between a "Board Certified Medical Psychologist" who is a highly qualified specialist and a general psychologist who has a degree designation in Medical or Health Psychology, and psychopharmacologists who have added a "proficiency" in a technique area such as psychopharmacology. These latter colleagues "are not considered by this board as Board Certified Specialists under the ethics, cannons, standards, and traditions in psychology!

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For membership information, please go to our Membership Page.  Any licensed doctorate level psychologist can become a "Member" of our society (Academy of Medical Psychology) by paying their annual $75 fee and filing a form providing their basic data.  Any licensed doctora of psychology who has completed an approved (by our Board) and extensive CE program in basic science, psychopharmacology, and medical psychology, or who has completed a post graduate agree approved by the board, and who has completed a preceptorship in Medical Psychology which includes Consulting at the LII level or Prescribing at the LIII level, and who passes our Oral Exam and is advanced to our Written Exam (or Substitutes passage of the VERITAS or PEP) can become a Specialist/Diplomate and Board Certified in Medical Psychology (ABMP).  Post doctoral students who are licensed psychologists can join the Academy ($50 first year and $25 per year after that) as a "Student Member".  Please see our membership and fees section of this web site!

Reasons to Become Board certified in Medical Psychology

Board certification in Medical Psychology indicates specialty expertise, which distinguishes you from other psychologists who do not have post-doctoral specialty training in medical psychology, basic science, and psychopharmacology and work with patients in or in affiliation with healthcare facilities in the nation's core healthcare system. Board certification in Medical Medical Psychology distinguishes you as a senior psychologically trained health professional ready to fullfil your place on Medical and Rehabilitation Facilities and Programs!  Health care providers in other disciplines consider board certification as a minimum standard to document training and expertise for health facility credentialing, the provision of patient care, and for leadership roles in healthcare facilities and programs. Board certification facilitates license the establishment of advanced and beyond the minimum training for licensure to practice, and for establishing credibility in Tort actions. Many hospitals ask about board certification when applying for privileges, and use specialty status to estend privileges not given to general practitioners. Some hospitals, senior supervisor roles,  and medical centers requirea board certification for hiring and extending privileges. Academic institutions, training psychologists for healthcare practice, should have at least one Board Certified Medical Psychologist involved in program leadership, planning, evaluation, and guidance. Managed Care and Insurance Companies routinely ask about board certification when applying for inclusion in their networks. Consumers of health/mental health services will increasingly as about board certification, and will seek board certified psychologists online. ABMP provides members access to online resources for networking and referrals.

More importantly, Board Certification indicates that you are interested in extensive study and skills beyond that required as a minimum for licensure and healthcare practice.  It indicates that you are one of the special, most extensively trained, and dedicated doctors in psychology in America.  Board certification means you take your training, patient care, and service to the public so seriously that you will go far beyond the minimum required training and education required to become a psychologist.  It means that these exemplary traits and committments and drive are recoginzed by your peers and that you have demonstrated to your peers that you are advanced in your training and skills!  This is the empremater of respect and recognition that is reserved for only a few doctors!

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