AMP Members Directory

160 Members Location
Abec, James M  M.D., Ph.D.Lombard, IL
Alford, Nancy  Psy.D, ABMPRoanoke Rapids, NC
Bagwell, Paul  PsyDLas Vegas, NM
Bagwell, Paul W.  Psy.D.Las Vegas, NM
Barngrover, Susan  PhDKansas City, MO
Barresi-Devore, Maria  PhDColorado Springs, CO
Barresi-Devore, Maria  PhD, ABMPColorado Springs, CO
Bernstein, William Morris  PhD, ABMPAlbuquerque, NM
Bigelow, Brian  PhD, ABMPWahnapitue, Canada,
Bigelow, Brian J  Ph.D.Coniston, ON
Billington, Lia  PhD, ABMPLittleton, CO
Bohanske, Bob  PhDPhoenix, AZ
Bolwahnn, Bryan  PhDBall, LA
Boyd, Madina  Lancaster, OH
Brady, Douglas O  Ph.D.Lawton, OK
Brooks, Glenwood  Salisbury, MD
Caccavale, John  Ph.D., ABMPCypress, CA
Cave, Douglas G.  Ph.D.Vancouver, BC
Chang, Robert  PhD, ABMPAlbuquerque, NM
Cheshire, Stephen  PhDAlbequerqui, NM
Childerston, Jim  Ph.D.Hagerstown, MD
Christopher Rossilli, Christopher  PsyD, MsPharm1555 Kingsley Ave. Suite# 302 , FL
Clements, Paul Reve  Belleair Beach, FL
Cobb, Steven Michael  PhD, ABMPRoswell, NM
Coffey, Wm. Dennis  PsyDToms River, NJ
Cole, Jeffrey D.  Ph.D.Binghamton, NY
Colley, Dwight T  PsyDVerona, NJ
Colonna, Roger  PhDVerona, NJ
Colonna, Roger  PhD, ABMPVerona, NJ
Comin, Linda  Psy.D.Temecula, CA
Coram, Gregory  PsyD, ABMPBelle Mead, NJ
Cotton, Mary Ann  Ph.D.Alamogordo, NM
Dalton, Sean  EdD,MD, ABMPCanton, MA
Dammers, Paul  PhDBaton Rouge, LA
Dammers, Paul  PhD, ABMPBaton Rouge, LA
Darakjy, Jennifer  PhD, Med, MAEl Passo, TX
DeFrancisco, Robert  Ph.D., ABMPBrewton, AL
Delaney, Thomas  Ph.D.San Dimas, CA
Denburg, Marvin  PhDCoralville, IA
Diaz, Carmen  Ph.D.Fairacres, NM
Drozd, John F.  PhDColorado Springs, CO
Drozd, John  PhD, ABMPColorado Springs, CO
Eckert, Bryan Campbell  PsyD, ABMPBaton Rouge, LA
Ennis, Kay E.  Ph.D.Las Cruces, NM
Entezari, Abraham Abdolhossein  Ph.D.Albuquerque, NM
Fanibanda, Darius  PhDLos Gatos, CA
Ferrell, Keenan R.  Psy.D.Chicago, IL
Finney, Kimberly  PsyDManhattan Beack, CA
Finney, Kimberly  Psy.D, ABMPHonolulu, HI
Frederick, Calvin J  Ph.D.Encino, CA
Galle, Susana  PhDWashington, DC
Garrone, Linda A  Carver, MA
Gatling, John H.  Ph.D.Albuquerque, NM
Geshuri, Yosef  Ph.D., ABMPPorterville, CA
Gifford, Susan D  Ph.D.Bedford, TX
Gilbertson, Harlan James  Psy.D.Mora, MN
Giordano, Arlene S  Ph.D., ABMPSonora, CA
Girard, Dennis  P.Ed.D.ABPPWaban, MA
Goldberg, Caryn  Ph.D.Delray Beach, FL
Gray, Justin  Ph.DSpringfield, VA
Grosso, George  PhDTehachapi, CA
Gruber, Alan  M.D. Ph.D, ABMPCohasset, MA
Haas, Tamara  M.D.Hainesport, NJ
Hahn, William O  Ph.D.Lower Burrell, PA
Hammer, Joseph  PhDNew York, NY
Hoover, Marlin C.  PhD MS ABPPTinley Park, IL
Howard, Charles A  Greeley, CO
Hubert, Belinda  Ph.D., ABMPLowell, IN
Huggins, Julee  Psy.D.Rio Rancho, NM
Johnson, David M  Psy.D, ABMPGreenfield, MA
Kary, Clifford  PhDLawton, OK
Kelley, Gary B.  Ph.D., ABMPSolon, OH
Kim, Mike  PsyDFolsom, CA
Knight, Jeanne  PhDAlbuequerque, NM
Kristevski, Alex  Psy.D, ABMPCrown Point, IN
Kronk, Philip  Ph.,
Kuendig, Richard  Canton, OH
Larsen, Kenneth  D.Min. Ph.D. ABMPBoston, MA
Lawson, Ward  PhD, ABMP, ABPPMarshfield, MO
Levin, Sheldon  Lutherville, MD
Levine, Elaine S  Ph.D., ABMPLas Cruces, NM
Lloyd, Pauline M  Psy.D, ABMPHopkinsville, KY
Longwith, Gary  ,
Lucchetti, Frank  Ed.D.Sonoma, CA
Machado, Gerard  PsyD, ABMPBethlehem, PA
Manna, Marci M  PsyDBranson, MO
Markham, Pamela N  Psy.D.Boynton Beach, FL
Marquez, E. Mario  Ph.D., ABMPAlbuquerque, NM
Mash, James Michael  PhD, ABMPTaos, NM
Mayfield, Robert  Ph.D., ABMPLas Cruces, NM
McBride, Michael G  Ph.D.Port Angeles, WA
McClure, Stephen Gary  PhD, ABMPRoseville, CA
McCormic, Bruce  PhDShreveport, LA
McLaughlin, Curt  Temecula, CA
Meredith, James  Ph.D. ABPPSan Antonio, TX
Miller, David R.  Ph.D.Kaneohe, HI
Morgan, Roger  Ph.D. M.D, ABMPWest Memphis, AR
Morris, Jerry  Psy.D, ABMPNevada, MO
Mucowski, Richard J.  Ph.D., ABMPElmwood Park, NJ
Muncy, Stephen  Bexley, OH
Nessetti, Matt  Ph.D. M.D, ABMPLincoln, NE
Nevels, Robert  PhD, ABMP2320 Drusilla Ln, Baton Rouge, LA
Nevels, Robert  PhDBaton Rouge, LA
Nichols, Owen  Psy.D, ABMPHopkinsville, KY
North, Robert  Ed.D, ABMPShelbyville, TN
Padover, Gary P.  Ph,D,Northfield, NJ
Paulk Ray, Kelly  Ph.D.Baton Rouge, LA
Pedigo, Thomas  Ph.D, ABMPSavannah, GA
Pedigo, Thomas  PhD, ABMPSavannah, GA
Petrosky, Keith  PhDWest Chester, PA
Petrosky, Keith  PhDExton, PA
Pugh, Sharon A  Ph.D.Alexandria, LA
Rabinowitz, Yaron  PhD, ABPPHampstead, NC
Reinhardt, David  Ph.D, ABMPLong Beach, CA
Remig, Anita  EdDDurham, NH
Richardson, Rory  PhD, ABMPLincoln City, OR
Roberts, Allan R  PhDLos Angeles, CA
Robinson, F. Cal  Psy.D., ABMPNewport News, WV
Rombom, Howard  Ph.D.Great Neck, NY
Ross, Daniel A  Ph.DOrchard Park, NY
Rossilli, Christopher  Psy.D.Winchester, VA
Rouanzoin, Curtis  Ph.D.Placentia, CA
Ruben, Cherie B.  Ph.D., ABMPDerby, NY
Rubin, Howard S  PhD, ABMPLos Angeles, CA
Rudin, Stephen  Ed.D, ABMPMargate, FL
Sa, Mary  PsyDCambrige, MN
Salas, Rafeal A.  PsyDKanoehe, HI
Sanders, Gilbert O  Ed.D, ABMPAndrews AFB, MD
Sasano, Carolyn  Ph.DAledo, TX
Sasano, Carolyn  Ph.D.Hudson Oaks, TX
Sayner, Richard B  PhDClinton, AR
Sentell, Samuel Webb  PhD, ABMPShreveport, LA
Seskin, Michael  Ph.D.Solana Beach, CA
Sesta, Joseph  PhD, ABMPApollo Beach, FL
Shaw, Stephen C  Ph.D.Prince Albert, SK
Shearer, David  Ph.D, ABMPGig Harbor, WA
Sherrill Jr., Robert E.  PhD, ABMPFarmington, NM
Shirbroun, Daniel D  Ph.D, ABMPYucca Valley, CA
Shriver, T. Herbert  Psy.D.Del Rio, TX
Skaff, Richard   Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
Surloff, Cheri  PhD, ABMPMiami, FL
Sutherland, Earl  PhD, ABMPCrow Agency, MT
Sutherland, Jr., Earl  PhD, ABMPCrow Agency, MT
Thompson, Thomas  PhD, ABMPLas Cruces, NM
Thorne, Maria Buse Thorne  Ph.D.Toronto,
Townes, Darryl L.  Ph.D.Conyers, GA
Traub, Gary S  PhDPompano Beach, FL
Vander Maas, Craig  Psyd.Grand Rapids, MI
Velnosky, E. Charles  PhDSomers Point, NJ
Vento, Christina  Psy.D, ABMPAlbuquerque, NM
Vincent, Curtis M  PhD, ABMPBaton Rouge, LA
Walker, El  PsyDDowney, CA
Weitman, Carl  PhD, ABMPWarrensville, OH
West, G. Norman  PhD, ABMPSewanee, TN
Whipple, Jason L  Ph.D.North Pole, AK
Wicks, Patricia  Omaha, NE
Wiggins, Jack  Ph.D.Fountain Hills, AZ
Williams, Caroline  Ph.D, ABMPTaos, NM
Wu, Tony  Ph.D.Diamond Bar, CA
Zager, Joanne  Ph.D.Ithaca, NY

Remember:  There are two levels of AMP membership:  a. any licensed healthcare professional with an interest in participating in our free member CE center, list.serve and fellowship, newsletter, Journal and other publications, workshop events, advocacy efforts, and updates on the area of medical psychology, b. Board Certified Specialists in the Psychological Specialty of Medical Psychology (see below for the requirements for this second level of membership).

To become a board certified Specialist in Medical Psychology we have some of the highest standards for any specialty among the clinical specialties in psychology.  To qualify for Board Certification the Psychologist must complete the following:  a. have an active license to practice healthcare in the area of psychology in any state (without current restriction), b. complete one of three approved basic medical and pharmacological science programs approved by the board (a post doctoral accredited psychopharmacology of medical psychology master’s specialty degree, or the NAPPP CE Pharmacology Certificate Program that is APA Approved, completion of the VERATAS Program), c. Completion of the Introduction to Medical Psychology CE course on our CE Center-APA Approved in order to provide the differentiating philosophy and approach of the Specialty (essential to pass the oral exam and work product requirements), d. complete a qualifying preceptorship/supervision or residency and provide documentation of hours and qualifications of the supervisor (see web site), e. file application for Board Certification and pay the application fee (see fees, required documentation, and proof of preceptorship/residency on this web site) for review of the credentials committee, f. once the credentials committee reviews and approves all the previous materials and qualifications the applicant can be approved for Candidate Status, g. The Candidate schedules, and pays the Oral Examination fee, an Oral Examination and is examined by 3 members of the examination committee (essay questions responded to on Skype/tele examination, or phone, or in person examination; approximately 1-2 hours), and submission of two work product assessments and treatment plan samples that are scored as a part of the examination and must show that the Candidate differentiates between the philosophy and skills of the Medical Psychologist and a clinical or psychopharmacologist, h. passage of a national written examination (we accept our online multiple choice and true-false objective examination, or the PEP, or the VERITAS national examinations at or above the 70th percentile.