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Medical Psychologists are among the most well trained of all Specialties in Psychology.  They are the premier specialty in psychology positioned to take hospital, primary care center, nursing and residential facility leadership and clinical practice, and in private practices that service these organizations and collaborate with general physicians and nurse practitioners.

No specialty in psychology has such broad scientific and treatment education and demonstrated core competencies as a Medical Psychologist.  Different than a psychopharmacologist, the Medical Psychologist is more broadly trained that an added proficiency in psychotropic medications, but the Medical Psychologist is additionally trained in health and lifestyle interventions and differentiation between mental and substance abuse disorders and the psychological components of chronic physical disease and providing treatment for both.  Many Medical Psychologist can also prescribe medications (do psychopharmacology), and others diagnose and consult on psychopharmacology decision with a collaborating medicating doctors and nurse practitioners with the psychologist doing the diagnosis and recommendations for medication and psychotherapy or behavioral psychology aspects of comprehensive treatment plans (Level III consulting).  In one state psychopharmacologists call themselves Medical Psychologists, but this is not a nationally supported use of this term and is misleading.

Medical Psychologists (Board Certified) are uniquely suited and recognized by accrediting bodies for chief of psychology and program and medical staff leadership positions in hospitals and mainstream healthcare facilities.  These facilities are moving toward and are increasingly under pressure from accrediting and funding organizations to staff and program for Integrated Care or a broader and more scientifically supported staffing (multi-disciplinary and working in symmetrical team treatment) and delivery models.  Increasingly, these facilities seek the Diplomate in Medical Psychology to establish and lead these efforts and to supervise them.

Proudly Wear your Ribbon:  If you have done the extensive specialized study required to become a specialist/Diplomate in Medical PsychologyBoardCertifiedRibbonIMG_0145 and your are going to any national or regional workshop or educational event and want to wear your ABMP Ribbon proudly displaying support for our specialty, please contact our Executive Director at email: cmhcjerry@sbcglobal.net and you will have your ribbon mailed to you for events.

Maintaining Diplomate Status:  The Academy and Board are often asked to verify Specialist/Diplomate Status of psychologists applying for or renewal of  hospital or health facility clinical staff privileges.  We provide this service.  To have Specialist Status verified the Diplomate must continue to qualify by maintaining their annual membership fee with AMP, maintaining an unincumbered state psychology license, and continue to maintain their Medical Psychology Skills.   Diplomates are responsible to update their data base at central office when they change address, email, or have lost or received impediments on their license to practice.  Diplomates are billed for dues by email each year, and after three unsuccessful billings are sent a written notice of withdrawal of Diplomate Status.  When these standards are not met we report out to facilities, “This doctor is not currently qualified as a Diplomate in the Specialty of Medical Psychology.  Reinstatement requires verification of current license in good standing, updating of the psychologist’s data base, and paying up past missed dues.  The board may add additional requirements such as updated Oral Examination.

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